When is an egg not an egg?

It could be when it is on another planet, in another galaxy! And how is it possible for an egg to grow? How will Ruby and Nolan explain this to their parents?

More dating in the 80s (continued)

The last thing we talked about was “Paying homage to the Porcelain God,” and in case some of you do not know or remember who that was… It was any toilet handy!  I have some not so fond memories of the prayers I said to it! Speaking of toilets!  Remember last time I told youContinue reading “More dating in the 80s (continued)”

More dating in the 80s

I arrived at the Hartford bus station and took a taxi to the apartment.  I had one suitcase and a small carry-on bag, the nice driver carried the bag to the door, and I only paid the fare to my discredit.  I didn’t know you should tip. It was kind of fun living in theContinue reading “More dating in the 80s”

Dating in the 60s

Let’s start in 1958, the year I graduated from High School!  I started working in Dexter Shoe, sewing the backs of shoes together on an industrial machine. That was an experience by itself.  I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years.  Working gave me enough money ($300.00) to pay for having a well drilledContinue reading “Dating in the 60s”


To all the people out there who have sworn many naughty words and thrown bottles against the wall in frustration.  Have you yearned to get your hands on the person or persons that decided that it would be a fun idea to poison other nice people?  They put poison in a bottle of what theyContinue reading “WTF”

DNC, this is why you are still waiting for me to donate!

I guess you forgot why there was an overwhelming voter turnout to elect Democrats all down the line.  What we wanted from you we are still waiting for!  When is ANYTHING going to happen? Admittingly, you did well with the Covid shots!  But why are we still working under the rule of 1806?  I amContinue reading “DNC, this is why you are still waiting for me to donate!”

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