DNC, this is why you are still waiting for me to donate!

I guess you forgot why there was an overwhelming voter turnout to elect Democrats all down the line.  What we wanted from you we are still waiting for!  When is ANYTHING going to happen? Admittingly, you did well with the Covid shots!  But why are we still working under the rule of 1806?  I am talking about Filibuster.  I don’t know about other people, but I was hoping we could walk into the 21st  Century and go back to the majority rule.   The Filibuster needs to go.  And fire the Postmaster General and get someone that knows that we need the USPS!  

You promised, if elected, you would do wonders!  You promised great changes when you had a majority!  So far, all you have done is cozy up to the Republicans and try to be nice, and compromise with their agenda!  We did not elect you to be nice!  When the Republicans were in charge, were they nice to you or us?  I distinctly remember; they were not! 

In case you are not aware of it, your constituents are hurting and need your help!  Many are losing their homes because they cannot find work that pays enough to pay for childcare and decent housing.  They are not lazy and are willing to work, but working three or four jobs a week to cover basic necessities is nothing short of slave labor.

It is time for you to stand up and be counted! 

We want you to do the right thing!  The tax burden sits square on the shoulders of the working person and is not shared at all by the wealthy conglomerates!  We are not demanding that they pay more than their share, but just their fair share.  They use the roads, are protected by the Police Force, and if their house catches on fire, the Fire Department will rush to help them.  Shouldn’t they pay for some of it????

In other words,  we do not want you to be nice; we want you to be effective!!!!!

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6 thoughts on “DNC, this is why you are still waiting for me to donate!

  1. The frustration at watching what is going on in Washington is mounting and that is how we got Trump with his “drain the swamp”. Good post.

  2. Until recently those cries for accountability, justice and the equal share of the burden, was been presumed to come only from developing countries who had suffered under the exploitive politics of those who had it all. Now the tide has finally risen that even we so called first worldlier are getting wet feet. How long will we stand there waiting before the water rises up to our throats?

  3. I hate to be the one to reveal this to you, but the water is making us choke! Until we force the conglomerated to pay their fair share and use it to really do what we must in order to survive, we will sink to the bottom.

  4. Wouldn’t that be nice. I get dozens of emails a day wanting me to donate to DNC! Ain’t happen baby! There are several things they need to do NOW and one is get rid of the filibuster! The second get rid of the Post Master General! And the third thing is STOP being nice, be effective!

  5. Also another reason is; we always had those people that were racists among us, they just smiled and hid their sharp teeth behind prayers. If we do not wake up and smell the roses, we will have him in the white house again. And it will not be pretty, the 60s will look inviting, after he gets done.

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