Remember the song, Old Shep, sung by Red Foley? When I hear it, I don’t just tear up; I bawl like a baby. Give a listen for a good cry. The reason I cry is old Shep reminds me of my childhood dog. Rex was just a tiny ball of fur when he became aContinue reading “REX”

You can never go back! Memories of my Mother!

Her name was Alice, and I looked in the mirror; I see her looking back at me.  She was one of the strongest and smartest people I have ever met.  I am proud to have known her.  She was funny and kind in her own way!  If she had been allowed to continue beyond gradeContinue reading “You can never go back! Memories of my Mother!”

Dear Former President!

We will never forgive you for stealing four years of our lives! You created 4 years of misery for people guilty of nothing but being born poor! They did nothing wrong, but you didn’t give a damn about the millions that were unlucky enough not to be born with a silver spoon in their mouths.Continue reading “Dear Former President!”

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