Happy Thanksgiving!

Just for today, let’s not discuss the bad things happening in the News! Let’s go “Over the river and through the woods” to Grandmother’s house and stuff ourselves with turkey and all the goodies! Only this year, let’s get there early enough to help her chop, peel, and stuff instead of plopping down on herContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

More Dating past the 80s

When I arrived home to the farm, I was exhausted, disappointed, frustrated, and pissed at the world and how it treats women, mainly me!  I walked around the farm, depressed and feeling sorry for myself for several months.  I was also fighting anemia to the degree that I was taking vitamin B shots weekly. IContinue reading “More Dating past the 80s”

Ruby & Nolan’s Great Adventure in Space

Book 2: Dragon Flight How to ride a Dragon Ask Permission Mount on back Hang on Don’t look down There are seven books in this series I wrote for some young friends as Christmas presents. They gave me permission to share them with you. Click on the picture above and you will be taken toContinue reading “Ruby & Nolan’s Great Adventure in Space”

More dating in the 80s and beyond

Pat and I got along quite well until we allowed another girl to room with us until she found other accommodations or got married, whichever came first.  She was a little strange, well, a lot strange, and a large framed blonde, blue-eyed woman and meticulous about her appearance.  We had only 2 bedrooms, and IContinue reading “More dating in the 80s and beyond”

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