Prologue to Options,

the sequel to Maye West Mysteries Book 1 Murder on Lake Haverly Alone in my office, my chin resting between cupped hands, my eyes closed, I was daydreaming about the good old days. After signing up for Real Estate School, my temporary Real Estate Permit clutched in my hot little hands, I showed up atContinue reading “Prologue to Options,”

Murder on Lake Haverly

Can Maye West, an ethical, ambitious woman, survive the unscrupulous, dishonest, and incompetent Agents and Mortgage Brokers of the Real Estate profession? Women were not wanted or welcomed into that all-male club! Maye West survived in spite of the dirty, underhanded “help” of her fellow realtors! When introduced to the crew, she was met with,Continue reading “Murder on Lake Haverly”

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