To all the people out there who have sworn many naughty words and thrown bottles against the wall in frustration.  Have you yearned to get your hands on the person or persons that decided that it would be a fun idea to poison other nice people?  They put poison in a bottle of what they needed to live and re-sealing it again?  Come on, you know you have had some not-so-nice thoughts of what you would like to do the poisoners! 

Okay, maybe not really!  When was the last time you tried to open a bottle using a knife to cut the very well stuck on label?  And another plastic lid before you could put some honey on your pancakes, or get the lid off some salsa for your chips?

How about those vitamin jars?  Merchandisers, what do you think about a stuck-on lid with a long enough tab that my old fingers can get ahold of it and manage to pull it off? 

Another gripe, now that I have got your attention let’s discuss Child-Proof caps on medicine bottles!  Many of them are so difficult that the only way to open them is to find a Child to do the job.  Kids as young as 4 years old can get them off in a heartbeat while you and I read the directions and pull and twist till we are red in the face and ready to scream.  Yeah! Me too! And just when you finally get the hang of them, the manufacturers change the style, and you have a new puzzle to solve before you can get on with life.

I love the new deal that is happening, and we aren’t supposed to notice.  The bottle, box, or bag size got smaller, but the price stayed the same or went up!   Of course, most of us do not pay attention to the size unless it is substantial!  The manufacturers count on us being so busy we do not notice.

Another thing I griped about this morning was manufacturers that send directions on installing new devices on a computer.  The directions are written in hieroglyphics by a little old Egyptian having a big belly laugh picturing us screaming and pulling our hair out while trying to follow them.  Of course, there is another big laugh when we try to find the “help” button.  And after spending time typing our problem in great detail, we are told to send a screenshot of the problem.

Today to get someone to call me back to help me, via an in-person call, I gave them enough information to build an android of me. I hope they make her slim and younger!  Tell me what you think!

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16 thoughts on “WTF

  1. Pretty good Brenda and I know exactly what you mean about the medicine bottles. Alf the time I can’t open them either. You have a blessed week sweetie. Love y’all Joni❤️🤗

  2. I’m definitely with you on the medicine bottles, and most of the other things you mention. Why does it have to be so difficult?! I don’t know any four year olds.

  3. How about how tiny the words are on printed things! The older I get, the blinder I get, its horrible. Oh yes, I can’t really hear that well either. 🙁

  4. All to the point! My self-image in those moments is machine gun wielding maniac, executing a line up of lab-coated technicians, engineers and executives.
    On the other hand I perceive those irritations as challenges for my dexterity and mental flexibility. I am aware; if that moment arises when I have to admit defeat I know it is time to go!

  5. I have admitted defeat on several jobs. One run by a Woman, and when she offered me a 25 cent an hour raise, “because I had a man to take care of me” I started RE School and left the second I could. For the first time in my life, I could earn as much as the men because I was worth it.

  6. I am with you, I have problems with my right eye and Doctors want to inject stuff in it and I need for them to say that all this cost and (ugh) will give me some sight in it. I have 20/20 in left eye so I’m good. My motto is: Gettin’ old ain’t for sissies”

  7. I also have problem opening vitamin bottles, bleach, and even my honey. My hubby has a terrible time opening those cans with the little finger ring to open them, I can do it easy, because I use leverage and he uses brute strength and swearing. 😁😁

  8. Oh man, I am with you in solidarity about crap packaging. I call the pill bottle caps “adult-proof” lids. And what is the deal with those plastic tabs on every freaking thing? And the excess plastic inside plastic. Sounds like something Wally Green would invent. He lives in the Moroniverse and owns a drugstore chain called Wally Green’s, where he sells his wacky inventions like crap straps and toiliots.

  9. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I swear every time I open my dressing for my salads. Have you ever thought of all the juicy things you would like to do to the one person that made all this possible? I have a vivid imagination, of course, I am a writer. Check out my books! I have 14 on Amazon. Murder on Lake Haverly takes place in AZ and the main character Maye West is sort of like me.

  10. Thanks — nothing frustrates me more than trying to open packaging. I have dyspraxia, which is virtually unheard of here in the United States. It affects my fine and gross motor skills, and spatial relations. For me, opening a package is like a non-affected person trying to open the hardest package and struggling, except tenfold and with every package for me.

  11. Add to the incomprehensible: pill bottles filled one-third full. In the olden days, manufacturers at least would stuff the empty space with cotton. I believe it was cotton, it may have been dandelion fluff. Now, local super-grocery-drug-and-housewares mega-markets magnanimously offer BOGO, so stocking-up on vitamins and supplements, you’ve plastic bottles filled with air cluttering-up your “medicines, band-aids, and salves drawer. Consider the extra plastic destined for landfills. Who recycles? Several rants in-progress on these very irritating fact-of-life. Wanted to let you know I enjoy your style, not entirely because you (I believe) are a Boomer with an MPL from UHK but because you have an unabashed flair for subtle humor.

  12. Liike isn’t strong enough for your comment! My humor has been described as sarcastic and it is probably accurate. It was a pleasure to know someone actually reads my stuff and doesn’t just “like” it. If WordPress and Hostgator get their stuff straight, I will have my emails back from followers. Yours was the only one today. Glad to have you aboard. I will get it fixed, soon. Thank you for commenting.

  13. Well, the children in charge of all things net, especially “social” sites have not figured out there are more emotions beyond “like” and “meh.” So we rely on comments. You’re welcome. Catch you next time.

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