Let’s review the adventures of the Weller kids so far on their adopted planet in another galaxy. They hatch a Dragon, and he becomes their best friend. You’d be okay with your kids having a 10-foot-tall friend that can fly cloaked and uncloaked, strong but gentle as a lamb. Right? Adventure 1. Flying to theContinue reading “Wormhole”

Ruby & Nolans Great Adventures in Space Book 3 “The Keep”

     Ruby, Nolan, Bonnie, and Shamus tell their parents they are going on a picnic. They plan to meet Donzereli and his dragon friends for an exciting dragon flight. Dr. Allen bribes an invitation for the dragon ride! They discover that he is just a big kid!         The kid’s unease starts when arrivingContinue reading “Ruby & Nolans Great Adventures in Space Book 3 “The Keep””

Ruby & Nolan’s Great Adventures in Space Book 2 Dragon Flight

Imagine telling your parents your secret science project resulted in helping hatch a DRAGON! They named him Donzereli after Uncle Dawnzella, their mom’s best friend. Ty and Robin met the baby dragon and were okay with it. Meeting Sunset and Rainbow, his parents, standing over 10 feet tall, was another matter. Think about that forContinue reading “Ruby & Nolan’s Great Adventures in Space Book 2 Dragon Flight”

When is an egg not an egg?

It could be when it is on another planet, in another galaxy! And how is it possible for an egg to grow? How will Ruby and Nolan explain this to their parents?

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