More dating in the 80s (continued)

The last thing we talked about was “Paying homage to the Porcelain God,” and in case some of you do not know or remember who that was… It was any toilet handy!  I have some not so fond memories of the prayers I said to it! Speaking of toilets!  Remember last time I told youContinue reading “More dating in the 80s (continued)”

Life in the 40s and beyond continued

Life in the 40s and beyond continued. TV, Radio, talking box, Saturday morning, Big John and Sparkle, Howdy Doody, attic, trampoline, metal springs, swimming, Big ugly dog,  Wonder Woman, lake, rocky point, beach, Rex, dawg, We were so creative compared to kids today!  There were no electronic things to entertain us.  As a matter ofContinue reading “Life in the 40s and beyond continued”

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