Faith to the Rescue

I loved this! It was almost to the last paragraph that I realized Faith was a dog. Great writing.


Remember the song, Old Shep sung by Red Foley?  When I hear it, I don’t just tear up; I bawl like a baby.  The reason I cry is old Shep reminds me of my childhood dog. Here is a recording on youtube. Rex was just a tiny ball of fur when he became aContinue reading “REX”

Sit on the lid and laugh!

Build for yourself a strong boxFashion each part with careWhen its as strong as your hand can make itPut all your troubles there. Hide there all thought of your failuresAnd each bitter cup that you quaffLock all your heartaches within itThen sit on the lid and laugh. Tell no one else its contentsNever its secretsContinue reading “Sit on the lid and laugh!”

vanilla and almond chocolate chip cookies (vegan)• click here for recipe

OMG, these look soooo good.

All Dogs go to Heaven

This was written for my cousin Lori because she loves dogs. The noisy intersection was filled with people hurrying, each in their own world, ignoring fellow travelers. They were abruptly yanked from their reverie when they heard the screech of brakes and a sickening bump! The victim’s scream was mercifully short! Onlookers were frozen inContinue reading “All Dogs go to Heaven”

There are warranties and there are warranties

Many of the major appliance companies have a warranty that survives the one the salesperson tells you about in the store when you are dazzled by the gorgeous new appliance. I always ask if they have one, even if I am not sure.  When we purchased our new washing machine from Spenser’s Appliance (You knowContinue reading “There are warranties and there are warranties”

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