Ruby & Nolan’s Great Adventures in Space Book:6 Merpeople

Ruby and Nolan are happy to meet a new friend; she is a mermaid! They love the idea of becoming Merpeople temporarily, but what if it is permanent? Three Consortium representatives show up to view the progress of the settlement. The Wormhole can be collapsed temporarily or permanently. Making the trip from Old earth longer!Continue reading “Ruby & Nolan’s Great Adventures in Space Book:6 Merpeople”


Let’s review the adventures of the Weller kids so far on their adopted planet in another galaxy. They hatch a Dragon, and he becomes their best friend. You’d be okay with your kids having a 10-foot-tall friend that can fly cloaked and uncloaked, strong but gentle as a lamb. Right? Adventure 1. Flying to theContinue reading “Wormhole”

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