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Maye West Mysteries

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Book 1: Murder on Lake Haverly

Maye West Mysteries aka Murder on Lake Haverly is about a professional Realtor that lands the deal of a lifetime!   She and her best friend Eddie sell the land surrounding Lake Haverly in Punkin Center, Arizona! 

Nothing is as easy as it seems.  The buyers; a corporate lawyer and her stay-at-home wanna-be writer husband, finally own the Shangri-La of their dreams!  Just when everything is coming up roses, a body is discovered floating in their lake.

All hell breaks loose, cross-bow shootings, ambushes, life, and death struggles, with some fun sex to spice it up a bit!  This was could have been written tongue in cheek!  I was a professional Realtor for 30 years and met many of the characters and some are made up out of whole cloth.

The ’70s was a great time to be in Real Estate, we worked in the trenches, between the legal and not so legal!  There’s more juicy stuff in the sequel soon to be released, called “Options.” Some of the people were truly stranger than fiction!   The Real Estate exploits were fun putting together.

The End of the Road

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Imagine if you will waking up in the Ladies Restroom stall wrapped in a musty blanket, on I-5 in Southern Oregon.  You are wearing ragged jeans, flip-flops, a big red t-shirt with a smiley face on the front.  You have no memory of how you got there or who you are. 

You sometimes have flashes of being in a white nightgown, and beach.

You don’t know where you are going, or where you have been.  Your body continues walking south, always south.  The days blend into each other until after three days without food, you finally are reduced to begging.  You ask for a meal in exchange for work at a Truck Stop.  A nasty cashier tells you they don’t give handouts to homeless people, and screams at you to get out.

Humiliated, head down walking for the exit, you get smacked in the face with the door. 

Getting hit in the head is the best thing that happens to you in months.

If you think a woman scorned is a bitch, you need to stay tuned to see a dead woman extract revenge on her con man husband and his Skank!

Immortal Enemies

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Marissa Mahoney is a hopeless romantic.  She wants to have her cake and eat it too!  Her cake being her adorable sexy Mario, so sexy and beautiful with his dark exotic looks.  He works all day, keeping her yard blooming, her pool sparkling, and still warms her bed every night with his boundless energy

She can’t get enough of her Mario and flatly refuses to let him go, even when she is warned he may be the enemy.

This sexy romp through a “who’s fooling who” Sci/Fi makes you wonder how life can become so complicated. 

Mario likes the sex but is looking forward to the big reward he will get when he betrays Marissa to SASHA.

 Dr. Carl Sanderson head of RAPT and Francesca Montenegro, Marissa’s new housekeeper/nurse are caught in the middle of a dangerous game.  It is up to you to figure out the difference between the bad guys and the good guys.

Spirited One

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The Protector

“Another beautiful day in paradise,” groaned Jena as she savagely rubbed the sleep from her eyes struggling to unwind her firmly encased body from sweat-soaked sheets. She desperately tried to recall the nightmare that produced her anger upon awakening.

Staggering to the shower, welcoming the steamy daggers of water stabbing her flesh, vigorously scrubbing her body hoping to coax her mind into revealing its secrets. “I remember bits and pieces of what I know isn’t a dream, and though I have been told what happened, I want to remember; I need to remember everything!”

Looking in the mirror, she was pleased to see a young woman looking back at her with light brown hair, green/brown eyes, lightly freckled skin requiring only soap, water, and moisturizer to give a fresh, healthy glow. She kept her five-foot-seven-inch body, in top physical condition after years of intense five-mile runs, teaching Martial Arts, and sparring with trainees.

Ruby and Nolan’s Great Adventures in Space

Book 1: The Science Project

How does a family cope with making life-changing decisions?  Does the family become closer or drift apart?  

Let’s peek inside the lives of a family of four that makes a decision not many will ever make.  They agreed to leave the comfort of their home, families, and earth and journey to an uninhabited planet many light-years away. 

The entire family makes the journey.  However, this story is mainly about their two pre-teens’ adventures.

Ruby and Nolan Weller make their weekly climb up the hill by their home to check the Solar Panels.  They are shocked to find two of them mangled and broken beyond repair.  Searching for tracks of the animal that did the damage, they discover a large, brightly colored rock.  Deciding it would be a great science project, they slide it down the hill with one small mishap and hide it in their play fort’s wood box. 

For the next few weeks, they conduct their scientific study.  When it starts growing, they realize it isn’t a rock at all; it is an egg!  They know back on earth, eggs do not grow!  Whatever is in that egg, it is big!  And it is hatching!

Nolan hopes it is a pony, even though he knows ponies do not hatch from eggs.  Ruby thinks it might be a chicken or a bird but is concerned with its size!  What could go wrong?  After all, it will be a baby? 

This is book one of a series of 7 young adult adventures.

Ruby and Nolan’s Great Adventures in Space

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Book 2: Dragon Flight

Ruby and Nolan traveled with their parents to an uninhabited planet if they could bring “Uncle Dawnzereli,” their dog Pebbles, and they wanted ponies. 

Yikes! Their science project hatches, and a baby Dragon bonds with them!  They name him Donzereli after their strong, wonderful Uncle Dawnzereli, who they thought of as an Aunt.

It would be an understatement to say Ty and Robin were disappointed that a “baby dragon was kept secret from them.  Meeting his parent was a shock.  The settlers accepted the real live Dragons after Donzereli became the highlight of the Festival of Lights.  He gave all the kids a ride on his back. 

Ruby, Nolan, Bonnie, and Shamus, tell their parents they are going on a picnic.  Dr. Rodney Allen hitches a ride with the adventurers, or he would tell their parents their destination.

Book 2 is called “Dragon Flight” for a reason!  Friends of Donzereli are flying them to Donzereli’s home in the north mountain. 

If that sounds exciting enough, wait a minute!  Does being kidnapped by creatures resembling Yeti’s sound fun?  Or being netted and hauled up to a flying car sound exciting?

Wasn’t this planet supposed to be uninhabited?

Ruby and Nolan’s Great Adventures in Space

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Book 3: The Keep

If you think this uninhabited planet is getting crowded, stay tuned!  There is a perfectly logical explanation for the Consortium’s probes missing the Dragon’s.  They live in the northern mountain, and they can cloak their bodies! 

Donzereli’s friendship with Ruby and Nolan cemented the relationship between the more technically advanced dragons and the human inhabitants.

Oh! You don’t believe that’s possible?  Would flying cars with AI intelligence convince you?

This adventure begins when they arrive at the mountain keep and are greeted by Donzereli’s parents, not looking pleased.  The dragons were prepared for an extended stay complete with rooms and clothes, the unease begins.

Donzereli thrills our intrepid adventurers a tour of the keep and the Dragon Mall with unlimited credit cards!  As much fun as this is, they know this can’t last.  Their parents are coming to take them home for punishment! 

Donzereli to the rescue!  He “borrows” a flying car and arranges a deep-sea fishing trip for his friends.  This time Dr. Allen is invited!

What could go wrong with catching fish and pretending to be pirates on a huge ship?  How about being netted like the fish they caught!  Finding themselves dumped on the deck of a flying car, with strange creatures holding them prisoner?

Ruby and Nolan’s Great Adventures in Space

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Book 4: The “Others”

How could so much go so wrong and so right?  The Weller family accepted the offer to be transported to a new world.  They intended to secure a college education guarantee for Ruby and Nolan.  Life gives you lemons; you can whine or make lemonade.  It was an exciting experience traveling via spaceship through a wormhole to another galaxy.

Ruby and Nolan are thrilled they have a dragon friend!  Along with Dr. Rodney Allen, the youngsters fly to the northern keep instead of the picnic, the parents approved.  It appears that the dragons are prepared for an extended stay. Donzereli “borrows” his parents flying car and plans a deep-sea fishing trip. It was sure to be great fun!  What could go wrong?

Ruby and Nolan’s Great Adventures in Space

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Book 5: Wormhole

Nothing is exciting about a Wormhole unless you travel through one to a new world to settle and explore! 

The meeting at Weller’s home will have fireworks and not the fun kind. Introducing the Dragons and the Others to Hendricks from the Consortium will test the patience of the explorers. 

While the adults are busy, this leaves the youngsters free to get into trouble.  Ruby, Nolan, Bonnie, Shamus, Donzereli, and Dr. Allen try but can’t seem to stay out of trouble!  Let’s look at what they have been up to!  In Book 1, Ruby & Nolan help hatch a dragon.  In later books, the five children and Dr. Allen fly on dragons to the northern mountains, go deep-sea fishing, & are; kidnapped by the “others.” 

You might think that’s enough adventure, but after months of uncertainty, the Weller family needs a vacation.

What could go wrong with a week camping at the beach?

Could it be saving a drowning young girl and discovering she lives in the sea!  It could be accepting her invitation to visit her home.

Ruby and Nolan’s Great Adventures in Space

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Book 6: Merpeople

Three Consortium representatives show up to view the progress of the settlement.  They introduce two groups of inhabitants and try to show making friends will be a more valuable investment than taking resources by force if necessary!  An alliance is formed, consisting of the Dragons, the Others, and the Humans.  The Dragons can collapse the Wormhole, temporarily to create time to negotiate with Earth, or permanently if necessary.  Our group of explorers may have to decide to stay or leave.  

After months of uncertainty about their future,  Ty and Robin decide they need a vacation.  They pick a lovely beach with a large tide pool for Ruby and Nolan to swim in safely. 

When the parents fall asleep, Ruby and Nolan are bored and go exploring. They discover a young girl injured in the surf.  They help her, and she tells them she lives in the sea and wants them to visit her home.

No problem not breathing underwater, she gives them the “gift,” and they go with her to her beautiful under the sea home.

That sounds like fun!  Could the consequences for Ruby and Nolan be permanent?

Will the gills disappear when they are on dry land, like Bri said? 

Will the Consortium members come back with a decision to go or stay?

Sleep Travelers

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The Story of Ning Dog & Boss

A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing and must be encouraged. They become the Captain of their Pirate ship, the hero of their adventure, handsome, beautiful, brilliant, and strong.  They conquer the world and do anything and everything.  The lucky ones never lose that childhood wonder on the bumpy road to adulthood. This is the beginning of the story of a young girl that will never lose that childhood wonder.

Our adventure begins when Dawnie goes to sleep hugging her big shaggy dog.  When she and her imaginary friend’s sleep, they become sleep travelers. In this story, they think of visiting the animals at the Zoo not bothered by their cages.  Dog and Dawnie invite their new friends, Ning and Boss on an adventure to make friends with the animals who live in the Zoo.

Will Ning and Boss become friends with Dog and our heroine?  Will the Zoo animals be thrilled to have visitors?  Come along with us, all you have to do is close your eyes and “think” adventure. Let’s go talk to the animals, they might have a lot to say.

Sleep Travelers

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Book 2: The Amusement Park

Dawnie is a little girl that loved to play happily by herself with her many toys in her playhouse, which was our Sun Porch.  She had three playmates that visit her every day, imaginary to everyone except to her! When she went to sleep, she woke up next to Dog in his snug house, and they went adventures with Ning and Boss.

A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing, and it must be encouraged.  Children become the Captain of their Pirate ship, the hero of their adventure, handsome, beautiful, brilliant, strong, and invincible!  They conquer the world and do anything and everything!  This is the story of a young girl, one of the lucky ones, that never lost that childhood wonder on the bumpy road to adulthood.  

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