This is all in fun, and no aspersions are meant to anyone’s beliefs! This came to me in a dream, and I couldn’t resist sharing it just for laughs! Knock, Knock, “Hey, hello buddy, long time no see, come on in and sit awhile! Thanks! Jesus, I am sorry it has been so long betweenContinue reading “Friends?”

Dearly Beloved and Unbeloved

Today is Friday the 13th and I thought some fun might be in order. I wrote this when we were Activity Directors for a Resort in Apache Junction. We were planning a renewal of marriage vows. Dearly  Beloved and Unbeloved We have gathered here within the site of Lost Dutchman’s Mine on Superstition Mountain toContinue reading “Dearly Beloved and Unbeloved”

Brenda for President!

I’ve reviewed ALL the Democratic Candidates and have come to the conclusion that American People don’t have nearly enough candidates to pick from!  So I am throwing my hat in the ring for President of the United States! Concerning my qualifications to effectively execute the complex aspects of the Office of the President of theContinue reading “Brenda for President!”

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