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So you wanta buy a car, sweetie?

Many years ago when I was a fresh faced Real Estate Agent! I had my heart set on a new car. I worked my little tush off earning money, and it was burning a hole in my pocket. The fact I was driving clients around in a pale blue Volkswagon bus was my motivation. MyContinue reading “So you wanta buy a car, sweetie?”

Honesty Quote By Angelica Hopes: “Carry on an…”

Telling the truth should be second nature. I had a motto in my 30 years of Real Estate: Do the right thing because it’s right! People don’t always want to hear the truth, but it kept me out of trouble.

Success Quote By Yuri Van Der Sluis: “Sales is like…”

I love your blog, and this one cracked me up, a little. Thanks for posting.

Poetry Quote By Seamus Heaney: “I can’t think…”

I love to read poetry, but confess I do not always totally understand. I have no talent for it, except rhyming.

Relationships Quote By Dorothy Koomson: “Share too much…”

Yes, there are some people that you can trust with your thoughts, and there are some people that you can keep as a friend but keep them at a distance. It’s like social media, fun to keep at a distance, but can be devastating if you share intimate thoughts.

Knowledge Quote By Dalai Lama: “Peace does not…”

Wouldn’t this be wonderful? Instead of spending billions on arms to fight, spend it on ways to improve everyone’s lives making fighting unnecessary.

it is unconscious sinning

Too bad we couldn’t control our tongue better than is done on social media. Words can destroy the human spirit faster than sticks can break bones.

“Ma Ae Cliff Buddha, Geumo Mountain / South Korea .”

It took a second look to see the carving in the rocks. Beautiful with the color surrounding it.

Here we go again!

My cell phone is not a pipeline to the White House! The number to call is 1-202-456-1111 I think. However if you are in the 623 area code and you fail to dial the “1” in front of the number, you will get my cell phone. I have to admit I am not the nicestContinue reading “Here we go again!”

“ ♕ Luxury Tearoom at Boscolo Hotel Budapest by © vistahungary via ysvoice”

How beautiful! I can imagine tea and cakes will taste wonderful in this atmosphere.

Work Quote By Sarah Cooper: “Scale the heights…”

I think you are onto something. It is the only way, they will not give up without a fight!


I think about almost everything I buy, weighing the cost vs the value. Those of us that have been poor will generally do that. As an author, I always think about someone stealing ideas, but unless they steal my manuscript it won’t be my story, just a carbon copy and not the original.

They have made their minds a prison-house

This blog bears repeating all over the web! It is so sad to see so many people trapped in that mindset so much that they will go to war to prove it is right.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today is a good day! I got up early, and rowed off 27 calories on my rowing machine! I am getting ready to color my hair Red! Not necessarily in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, but because I love the color, and I can. Kelly Clarkston says if your day isn’t great, “Just change it!”Continue reading “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

Sleep Quote By T.l. Rese: “Going to sleep…”

This is so true! Only the brave recall their dreams and look at them in the cold light of day.

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