Thank You, my Seattle Friends

It seems like yesterday that your folks invited us to park our Motorhome in your driveway so we could visit with our Daughter, Dawnzella for a two-week visit.  She lives a stone’s throw from your house and is besties with your whole family.  She is known as Dawnzereli to you, and in my books, as Donzereli your dragon friend!  We were excited to meet you, Ruby and Nolan as you reminded us of our own two children, Dawnzella and Christopher.  It was almost being with them again when they were your age.

We had a blast playing with you.  When we opened our curtains on the side of the motorhome facing your house, it was your cue to come visiting.  Usually, within a couple of minutes, we would hear a polite knocking, and then the fun would begin.  And yes, we let you get away with pretend driving, running from front to back of the bus and jumping on the bed!  You couldn’t hurt Miranda, our motorhome is a tough cookie!  She only has 40,000 miles on her and is barely broke in.

When we said, okay kids, time for lunch, see you later! You politely said,  “See you later and exited, waving on your way home.  Thank you for the fun, two weeks!

We sent Christmas gifts to you every year until you started getting a little old for Barbie and G.I. Joe things, so one year I wrote a story, putting your whole family in space in a new world.   My, how time has flown, I finished book 6 and will be ordering your copy in a day or two.  Merry Christmas!  I wish we could do it all over again.

This year Ruby and Nolan meet a new friend, Briauna who was washed up on the beach and unconscious.  They, of course, tried to help her.  She was grateful and asked, “Do you want to come to my home for a visit?”  They said, “That would be fun, but, we can’t breathe underwater and your home is under the sea.”

She said, “No problem, I can give you the “gift” and you can breathe like me underwater and when you go back home you will be as you were!”

You’d jump ant the chance, wouldn’t you?   The question is: Is Briauna telling the truth?  In, “Ruby and Nolan’s Great Adventures in Space Book 6: Merpeople, you will learn the answer.

I’m doing it my way!

In one way or another, we are all storytellers. Be it via jokes retold from childhood and pranks played on our friends, or a bitter experience in our past.

Have you ever had someone remark that their life story would make an interesting book?  Most of us think ours would, but unless it is presented as an exciting narrative, it will probably lay on the shelf gathering dust.

Many years ago, I felt the need to let the stories inside my head come out and play.  They started escaping the year one of my teachers assigned us 5 pages of what he called “Randon Notes” written in longhand, and submitted every Friday.  I decided to have fun tantalizing him with continued stories.   I wish I had been able to save them, but alas, they burned along with our homestead shortly after graduation.

I have been able to resist most of the offers of successful authors to pass that wisdom along, at a hefty price to newbies.  To be honest, I have signed up for one or two of them and discovered I was doing it all wrong!  I was supposed to be writing every line correctly. Unfortunately, most real people talk in the manner of their education and experiences they have faced in their life.  I used one program that corrected my style of writing so much that I ceased to exist!

My Husband of 58 years and my illustrator and best Beta Reader remarked one day that my book didn’t sound like me anymore.  I was at first a little ticked, didn’t I do everything the program instructed?  I decided to read it like I was a reader, not the author, and I realized it was good, but it didn’t sound at all like me. My life experiences give my books a different slant than other authors. I have stopped using that program, so what you read is what you get!

My advice to newbies would be to read everything you can get your face over and pay attention to how they write!  Write every day!  Have fun letting your mind wander through space and time.  You should try to be as grammatically correct as you can, but even the best sellers make mistakes.  BTW Grammarly is your friend! Nobody is perfect! Go ahead and self-publish your book, so what if only your relatives buy it!  You can feel good about the fact that you did it! There are places to get technical information on how to format your book and upload it. It’s not rocket science, I did it, nuff said!

I have 12 books self-published and working on the 13th, which is a sequel of Murder on Lake Haverly! If you like my stories, do me a favor, review them on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and tell your friends to try them. There are 8 Young Adult books and 4 adult books. Six of the Young Adult books are sequential! Two of them are about my Daughter’s imaginary friends! You can find my books easy by typing Brenda Colbath in the Amazon or Barnes and Noble search bar, and they will pop up, most of the time on one page. Be sure to like and follow me to be notified when a new book is published. Thanks!

My latest children’s book

If you have read:

Ruby & Nolan’s Great Adventures in Space Book 1: The Science Project, 2: The Hatchling, 3: The Keep, 4: The Others, 5: The Wormhole,  you can skip right over to Chapter 1 of Ruby and Nola’s Great Adventures in Space Book 6: Merpeople.

The Weller family, consisting of Ty, Robin, Ruby, Nolan, and Pebbles their dog, agreed to be part of a settlement on a newly discovered uninhabited planet several light-years from Mother Earth.  I am not sure Pebbles, their dog agreed to go, I think she was happy to go anywhere with them!  They arrive on the Planet by spaceship slipping through a wormhole; taking days, instead of years to go between worlds.

In book one, Ruby and Nolan stumble upon a pretty rock; they keep it for a science experiment because it was warm and had a slight vibration. They decide it is not a rock, but an egg! It starts growing! They know that eggs do not grow back on earth, and when it hatches, they meet a dragon!  He becomes their friend; they name him Donzereli, after their Uncle Dawnzereli back on Earth.  Dawnzella is a friend of the family.

Donzereli invites Ruby, Nolan, Bonnie, and Shamus to his home in the mountains.  Dr. Allen agrees not to tell the parents if he is asked to go along.  They have a blast flying on dragons backs to the Donzereli’s family Keep.

When they learn their parents are coming to take them home for punishment, Donzereli takes them deep-sea fishing, also without parental permission.  They are netted and taken aboard a flying ship and come face to face with “Others,” and find they are humans like themselves.  After a fun-filled time at the Others Keep at the amusement park, they go home again to face punishment.

Ruby, Nolan, Bonnie, Shamus, and Dr. Allen try, but can’t seem to stay out of trouble!

They get home, and three Consortium representatives show up to view the progress of the settlement.  The Weller family must find a way to introduce them to two groups of inhabitants that they are unaware of existing!  They will have to show that making friends will give them a more significant return on their investment than mining the abundant resources by force if necessary!

The representatives go back to Mother Earth without a decision of what will happen.   An alliance is formed; the Dragons can collapse the Wormhole, temporary or permanently to create time to negotiate with Earth.  Our group of explorers will be to stay or leave.

After months of uncertainty about their future, the Weller family needs a vacation.  What could go wrong with a weekend camping at the beach?  Maybe it is what Ruby and Nolan discover exploring while Robin and Ty relax in the shade sleeping with a good book on their chests?

Could our adventurers meet another group of inhabitants from the Sea?  Of course Ruby and Nolan are the first to meet the Merpeople!  Could the members of the Consortium be coming back with the decision of their fate: to go or stay?

This is not online yet, but I am giving you a preview of the cover.  Usually, you can click on it to be taken to to purchase your copy, but not today!  It will be online very soon for only $.99 ebook form, the Paperback will probably be $5.99.  Email me at to be notified when it is published.  Thanks!

X R & N Cover Book 6

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