That’s just the way it is!

Things are a little different now, but in my youth it was a different story. Don’t get me wrong, we had fun because we didn’t know that life could be any different than it was. We lived 8 miles from my school; the bus picked us up after a mile hike. As the “young ladies”Continue reading “That’s just the way it is!”

Help Wanted

Am I the only person who has noticed the employment advertisements a tiny bit confusing? As a female “Peeking over the hill” seeking employment, find the flowery phrases leave a lot to be desired.  Do you really need a 6 paragraph narrative to clearly state what you are offering? You might want to consider clearlyContinue reading “Help Wanted”

I am looking for a Doctor, or Is There a Doctor in the house?

The new medicare year has started and we have to “pick” a new Doctor!  Oh! Not all of us do, but some of us lucky ones do if our Doctor has “opted out” of Medicare, or if we are disappointed in the “Customer Service” our present one offers. Many of the Physicians act like weContinue reading “I am looking for a Doctor, or Is There a Doctor in the house?”

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