I am looking for a Doctor, or Is There a Doctor in the house?

The new medicare year has started and we have to “pick” a new Doctor!  Oh! Not all of us do, but some of us lucky ones do if our Doctor has “opted out” of Medicare, or if we are disappointed in the “Customer Service” our present one offers. Many of the Physicians act like we are getting FREE Insurance!  One of them actually said I should be grateful for my FREE Insurance!  About 1/5th on my SS check is deducted to pay for my “free” insurance.

I started paying FICA when I earned $1.15 an hour working at a Fire Insurance in Hartford, CT as a keypunch operator. Us “girls” were never hired to work across the room in the “Computer department” with the MEN who made more than twice our pittance.  

I remember the days when looking in the “help wanted” ads there were two categories: Help Wanted Male and Help Wanted Female.  Guess which one paid more?

You could say my working career was rocky, at best.  One of my last jobs before I met and married my husband was in my home town at a Shoe Factory sewing the backs of skates, bowling shoes and golf shoes on an industrial serge machine.  I proudly admit I was fast with my hands and was campaigning for a higher price per case to increase my pay, unsuccessfully, I have to admit!

Two things contributed to that; I was in favor of unionization, and I let my supervisors know that my body was off limits!  I was 18 years old and full of piss and vinegar, ready to conquer the world!

One day one of the bosses called me out of the bathroom to read me the riot act for not getting back to work instead of smoking!  I told him I had a right to take a bathroom break in no uncertain terms.  He disagreed and finally to make a point, I picked him up by the front of his shirt and raised him a foot off the floor and at his insistence, dropped him.  I am pretty sure that I didn’t endure myself to him or management, if he told anyone, because no one saw it.

The second thing was my campaign to get higher wages was met with cold stares or laughter by my immediate boss.  He wanted to date me, but I said, NO! He used to try to meet up with me by asking me where I was going rollerskating and showing up only to find I was at another rink!

I saw him put his hands around the girl next to me and touch her breasts.  When he approached me, I faced him and clearly told him, “Don’t ever touch me, anywhere on my body!”  He was so cock-sure of himself, one day he tried.  I attempted to give him a vasectomy with my scissors!  His hand got in the way, so it was unsuccessful!  I was walked to the door and told I was fired. I drew unemployment, after my interview with the male interviewer! I have mellowed a little!

After my two children were in Junior High, I got my Real Estate License and contributed handsomely to the FICA coffers! Along with a few other low paying jobs, because the parity between Men and Women’s wages had not changed much in 40 years.

This year my Insurance Company merged with a huge Pharmaceutical Store and probably they were trying, but our “New Cards” did not arrive in the mail.  You have to show that card to get any service!  We waited nearly an hour on the phone to try to find out how soon they would be in the mail. My husband figured out how to print them.

I have been having some serious eye problems by a specialist, referred by my Doctor and they called me to inform me that they had been calling and faxing a request for a renewal of the referral. When I called the doctor’s office to ask about the hold-up, I was informed that I needed to bring the card into the office.  My ID number was not enough!  I will admit I was a little hot under the collar to have to cancel my specialist appointment and wait a week or longer to get in.  My husband works full time and he has one weekday off!

I guess asking the Doctor why they didn’t renew the referral when he knew I had more appointments with the specialist was the wrong thing to do.  How was I to know they don’t talk to each other?

When you call a Doctor’s office one of the special numbered buttons to push is if you are a doctor’s office to get right through. It appeared to me that when he showed me the file, telling me that they wouldn’t know how many times I saw the specialist is he didn’t get any reports, that this was somehow my fault.  But is it my responsibility to make sure he is informed?



You want me to do what????

Am I the only one that noticed this? As a “Peeking over the hill,” female seeking employment find the employment advertisements a tiny bit confusing? The flowery phrases used to describe the kind of work the employer is looking for leaves a lot to be desired. It should not require a 6 paragraph narrative clearly states what you want to accomplish and what you expect of me.

Also clearly state the name of your company and where you are located. Not everyone is willing to make an hour or more commute. I appreciate not having to plow through the brain-freezing strange and unique forms. You will get fewer applications, but fewer turn downs. Yes, Virginia, some of us will turn down jobs because of the commute.

Please do not assume I am stupid enough to not figure out when you ask, “What year did you graduate from High School?” I do not realize you want to rule me out because of age. And please do not rule me out because of lack of experience when I state I have 30 years in the field you are seeking employees. That coming from someone barely out of diapers is insulting.

I do love the new way of saying “Sorry sucker” we don’t want you by saying, “Although your qualifications are impressive, we elected to move forward with another candidate.” If they were so damned impressive, why didn’t I at least get an interview with a real person?

Throw away those “personality quizzes!  You know, the one predicting my temperament and if I will steal you blind. I have never passed one, and I was a Realtor for 30 years, helping people with the most expensive purchase of their lives.

I absolutely hate anachronisms! Say what you mean. If you are too lazy to type a few words, well, I am not interested in what you are offering.

If you require a resume, why do you need me to fill out a non-interactive employment history? Most of my boss or supervisor’s either moved on to bigger and greener pastures or on to their great reward, and many companies are no longer in existence, through no fault of mine.

Also, do not require me to present myself at a “cattle-call” interview, two minutes long. If you are going to interview a million people for a job that barely pays above minimum wage, count me out! I realize that “times have changed!” But surely, not so much there is never a face-to-face interview, ever?

Just so you know, I am an old school, “8 hours pay for 8 hours work,” and I do not require, need or want you to supply treats, and games with prizes. I want to play games of my choice on my own time with people I know and like. I would appreciate a bathroom within walking distance and the agreement to allow me to go when necessary. No need to ask why you already determined my age.

Don’t get me started on the employment gap! Many people retire and need to seek supplement retirement. What’s wrong with that? It should not be a mortal sin to need to work again. Maybe you should think about maturity and experience is an asset, rather than a deterrent.




It is really funny that after my long rant about turning 70 and getting stupid, more interesting  things happened that turned out to also be stupid.

Checking my replies to my post, I received five from people that wanted me to purchase their “fool-proof” program that will make me rich without even trying, just remit $$$$$ to their paypal account and the money will start rolling in to my bank account.

Today while I was trying to catch up on my writing, I received at least three phone calls, from Mr. or Ms. Nobody, because when I answered, they hung up.  I hope the couple of callers weren’t upset when I screamed, “F%&#k You!

Then the best one or two were from an AI, that informed me that “she was calling to help me find a job” and she inquired what type of position was I looking for?  When I asked if this was a recording, there was a long pause, before the reply was, “Please give me your address, date of birth, and your legal name, or something like that.  At this point I stopped listening and hung up with the same salutation.

When the AI called again, it had learned that I thought it was a recording, so when I asked it again if it was a recording, it paused, and then said, “I guess I have said this so many times that I must sound like a recording.”  I asked several more quick questions, and it made her pause again, before getting right back on script.  I said pleasantly “F#$%K You again and hung up.

AI has invaded our society so thoroughly that it is replacing us faster than we realized.  Another fun fact, now when you apply and receive an “invitation” to an online interview , don’t get too excited, because the last one I did was an AI asking me 4 silly questions. One I remembered was, “What is you favorite movie?”

I spent some time trying to unsubscribe from all the virtual personnel agencies today to discover that there at some that you cannot unsubscribe from.  So I did the next best thing, created a rule that they be re-routed to my “Junk File” so take that AI!

I turned 70 and got stupid!

Yup! Who would have thought that another couple years would make me ineligible for any kind of employment!

I retired after 30 years as a Real Estate Agent selling Commercial and Residential Real Estate, fighting to preserve and save my clients money and dignity, in the space of 8 years, I suddenly became unemployable for ANYTHING.

There are resumes and applications in almost every business in the valley from me   I have same number of “Kiss-off” letters from employers.  Well not really from employers, but from nameless personnel companies or personnel telemarketers.

Now I understand that the personnel agencies are going to employ AI to do their interviewing, PERFECT!

I don’t understand why I have not had ONE decent interview from ONE company that REALLY has a position for a reasonably intelligent female for a Sales Position.  I have had several “Cattle Call Interviews” but not with a real employer.

Just to re-iterate: I do not want an outside sales position!  I feel that with my sales experience, I am worth a decent salary with a commission to match my abilities.

Just for your information: every sales job that I have successfully accomplished top salesperson was ones that I had NO experience with that PRODUCT or business “On the job.”  Of course management tried to hide that a mere female could be the top salesperson.

One local company wanted me to “train” their salespeople and let the “trainer” take all the credit for it.

For all of you business’ that disqualified me because I am not young enough, since when does youth qualify over experience?  Did you think that my 30 plus years as a licensed Realtor made me unqualified to anything but telemarketing or outside sales???

Just in case you still think I got stupid, I have written and self-published eight books.  I will admit they may never be million sellers, but my blood,  sweat and tears are between the covers.  They are all on Amazon.com, just type my name, Brenda Colbath in the search area and they will pop up.

I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I am deleting all the “Help wanted” ads from all the fake personnel agencies and fading into the woodwork.

Thanks for noting!



The Trickle Down Theory

The Trickle Down Theory


If you are the Trickleor

If you are the Tricklee

Not So Much!

Nadar’s Raiders why have you forsaken us?

Nadar’s Raiders why have you forsaken us?

Your dream was only to become President of the US

We wanted you to shine a light on the manufacturer’s short cuts

We needed you to continue making a big fuss

Over their huge profit by using lies and such

You told us what they used to make the shoddy toys

And let everyone know what they were up to

You wouldn’t become one of the good old boys

And helped give some of them the boot and shoe

The advertising of those products on TV

That showed us that they were the best

And the miracles they claimed them to be

Was all smoke and mirrors we could laugh and tee hee!

The soap that didn’t wash like they claimed

The cribs weren’t he safe as they should be

And our children were maimed

We saw what we needed to see

And stopped buying the things they presented

With golden voice or sexy slinking

And stayed with the things that you recommended

We were glad you got us thinking

But there came to you the sirens song

Of gaining the all-important elected office of the President

Maybe you planned to achieve it all along

And we didn’t matter, only your intent

We wish there was someone to take up your staff

And forge ahead with your quest

To make the big guys not take their profit out of our half

And not listen to them and only work on our behalf

Are General Physician’s becoming obsolete?

Now let’s think about this! When was the last time that you visited your GP and he/she actually examined you? Never! You are untouchable. You are invisible! Medicine is a corporate business; caring personalities do not enter into it, anymore. In and out in 15 minutes or less, (you can’t even get a good burger that fast) they have to churn out patients by the dozen so that the payments on the yachts are made on time.

Let’s go through a typical GP visit. You are not a new patient, they have your history before them, or at least they could if they cared to read it.

“Hi (looks down at your chart, because he/she doesn’t recognize you) John Doe, “Why did you come to see me, today?” Jeez, I had to tell everyone but my pastor, someone should have passed that on to you!

The cute little person in the adorable scrub outfit took all your vital statistics and asked you again “Why do you need to see the Doctor?”, and when you called for your appointment, several weeks ago, you were grilled by that Oh so nice voice on the phone “Why do you need to see the Doctor?”

Just try to get out of telling her/him specifically why you want an appointment! Not going to happen! I have tried several different tactics to keep my personal information to myself until I see the GREAT AND POWERFUL DOCTOR and to no avail. I finally tell them I need 15 minutes and it is none of your business why or what ails me, it is personal. Unless you have got your medical license you do not need to know.

I know I am a mean bitch, but, if I am only going to get 15 minutes anyway, what does it matter.

Also I am old! I remember the days when you could go see the Doctor in a few hours or at the longest the next day. I also remember when they could actually stitch up a minor wound in their office. If you were injured you went to his/her office and if it were major and needed hospitalization you were sent to the hospital. There were very few “Specialists”.  Sometimes your GP was also your surgeon!

Not so today! You tell them what is wrong and they immediately, well not that soon, send you to a “specialist” or the hospital. Hopefully it isn’t your arm or leg that is hurt, because the hospital will charge you the other two!!! BTW the Specialist usually is not so busy that they can see you within a week. Also they don’t really listen either!

Doctors really do not want you to look up anything on the internet to try to understand about your condition or what the ramifications of any medication that they propose to write a prescription for you to fill at your local pharmacy.  Don’t get me started on pharmaceutical Companies!

I recently became acquainted with Urgent Care! You can get in to see a doctor or a PA in usually the same day. They call you by name and seem to really care about you. Recently I received a call from the PA, a couple of days after my visit to inquire if I was feeling better. When was the last time you got a call from your doctor?

What we need now, is an online virtual doctor that you can talk to and they will listen just like their real life counterparts, and can refer you to a hospital or specialist with specifics on how to reach either one. Doctors will have to become good actors like the “Doctors” on TV selling their Snake Cures. It would save much time, money and aggravation for the patients, and in this fast paced environment it will fit most people’s lifestyle.   Imagine sitting in the comfort of your own home and chatting face to face with your smiling friendly “Doctor”! You probably won’t even notice the difference in the care and concern, it may even be better!

What do think about it? Let me know, I am interested really, please talk to my assistant first and I can give you at least 15 minutes and will almost immediately send you to the proper specialist!

Tale of two Shitties!

Yes, that’s right! This is a tale of two customers experience purchasing two cars from the very same dealership. Both times the dealership won, but don’t the always?

Don’t forget that Fairy Tale that you hear from the Insurance Companies that you need “Gap Insurance” to “protect” you because as soon as you drive your new car off the lot it loses value. Uh! Could it be because of the way it is financed? Cars are amortized like a mortgage! That is the reason that your shiny new car loses value! You owe more that you paid because of the interest and/or you paid too much! BTW you can by Gap insurance much cheaper by any other Insurance Company than you will pay at the dealership.

The first time the customers really needed a car, so they were under the gun.  The husband of this couple was recovering from open heart surgery, (a new cow aorta valve and double by-pass). They had been full time RVing for several years without a car, but now it was really too much for the wife to drive the 32 ft. RV to the hospital every day, and to all the Dr. visits. During the hospital stay, they rented a car at about $600 a week.

So when yet another salesperson called to see if they were ready to buy a car, the wife said yes. These are my terms; qualify me ahead of time, get me in and out fast as my husband is a heart patient, no money out of their pockets and they gave then the monthly dollar amount they were willing to pay and not a dollar more. They agreed that they could do that.

Off they went down the Yellow Brick Road to the dealership. They were showed two cars and the third one was a Red Honda Fit. This dealership has a large sign that says that their “Certified Used Cars all are in great shape. That they get a manual, a jack, and a spare tire! They got none of those, although until it was “delivered” to them they didn’t know that.

They arrived at the dealership in North Phoenix at 10:00 am and were told it would not be long, that they we very busy, but would get them in to talk to the sales closer quick. At around 5:00 they said they had to go home that the husband was very tired and he needed to eat. One of the workers went out and got them some dinner, which was nothing that the husband should eat. Boy, wasn’t that wonderful customer service that they experienced?

Yes, they should have walked (and walked was the operative word because you will remember they did not own a car)

Finally at 9:00 after saying no to all the add-ons they finally signed the papers and then were informed that they could come back in two days to pick up their car. Guess they forgot that they did not own a car. Finally they agreed to deliver it.

Now here is another kicker, the salesperson brought out another set of papers just like the ones that they signed. The figures were the same, however they changed the primary name on the title and now it was in the husband’s name. Nice!!!

Understand they loved the Red Honda Fit and named it Red Rover.   They tried many time to get the missing items and were given the “Royal Run Around”. They in fact never got any of them.

The couple received phone calls on a regular basis trying to get them to come in and trade again! Excuse me, they told them over and over that it would be a cold day in hell before they ever stepped foot in the showroom again.   Gotta give then E for effort, they kept calling.

They called again and in a weak moment the wife said they would trade again if they got all the things that were missing on the last car like: Two keys and keyless entry, a jack with a handle (that was missing on their other car, guess how much good a jack is without a handle), a manual, not the 8 x 5 sheets of paper they tried to pass of on them, cruise control, not a dime more a month and not a penny out of their pockets, AND THE BIG ONE they were to be in and out in two hours or they walk.

So they actually went in and purchased a newer White Honda Fit (remember I said they liked their Red one) with all the things they wanted. They were ready to sign the papers when the salesperson came back and said, “Sorry, I missed this on the quote, we need $780.00 more to close the deal”. Guess since they were such a push over the last time they would roll over and play dead.

Well they got up and said “Sorry, we told you not a dime out of our pockets, so thank you very much for all your help, but we are going to pass”.   They walked out and got in their old Red Honda and drove home, laughing all the way.

About 10 minutes later the phone rang and the salesperson said “Come back we will do it”.

So back they went, and said “That is good, but remember you have to get this done in two hours of we will walk out”.   They did get it done.

Just so you think that they were pretty smart consumers, the kicker is coming.

Before they had to do their first service they found out just how they were able to kick in the money!

You are gonna love this!

They were towing the car on the dolly home and when they stopped to do some shopping were checking the straps on the dolly the wife noticed a screw in the rear tire and it was slack. It just happened that they were right next to a tire shop and it was still open. They had to take the car off the dolly and the tire man informed them that ALL of the tires were not legal; they were worn down so much. He further informed them that because the screw was on the side of the tire he shouldn’t patch it. He told them that if they would only drive the far enough to get new tires he would plug it so it would stay inflated for a short time and only if they put it on the front tire which would be on the dolly. It was done at $40.00. And they were able to safely get to Seattle, WA.

They had been driving the car for nearly a year on nearly bald tires! The dealership didn’t give a damn if they would up wrapped around a tree or worse!! They made a sale and screwed them again.

They went to Discount Tire and had to buy 4 new tires at over $400.00.

By the way, the mileage on the car at the time of the purchase of the 4 new tires was 13,000 miles.  When the couple bought the Certified Used Car it had 9000 miles on the odometer.   Have you ever heard of tires wearing out that fast? In case you are wondering the couple is in there 70’s to they didn’t pop a lot of wheelies.

Do you think that they should EVER talk to the Dealership again?

There is an old saying “once burned, twice shy”.   Well they now know that it reads for them “twice burned, forever shy”.

What are the chances that they will take their Honda back EVER to that dealership for service?





Luby’s Fuddruckers Restaurants, LLC 13111 NW Freeway, Suite 600 Houston, TX 77040 Phone: 713.329.6800

To whom it may concern:

My Husband and I are full time RV’ers and sometime try new places to eat, however, while in Kerrville, TX we drove through the town and nothing looked inviting to us, however we spotted your Fuddruckers restaurant and remembered that in Phoenix, Arizona we have had many good meals.

We noticed on the Menu that you have Buffalo Burgers and decided to have them as we do not eat a lot of red meat, however, Buffalo is an exception, since while in South Dakota we had Buffalo Burgers, and Buffalo steaks several times and the local people told us to have them cooked “medium rare” because the meat is so lean and the Buffalo are not fed any additives. 

So we ordered two of them, paid extra for cheese, my husband ordered Onion Rings, he asked for his to be cooked medium and asked for mine to the medium rare.   We were really hungry, we waited for at least 20 minutes, were about ready to ask if they were having trouble catching the Buffalos out back, when our buzzer went off. 

I took two bites of my Burger and discovered that it was very close to “well done”.   We discussed whether to have another one cooked when the Staff Manager came by and asked how our order was.  I said ”Its not done like I ordered, I ordered it Medium Rare”; he said “Sorry about that, but the Buffalo meat is frozen and we have to thaw it”.  I showed him the burger and he agreed it was not cooked right.  So he said he would make me another one.  He started to take my plate and I asked him to leave the plate so I could at least eat the Fries.  So off he went! 

Twenty minutes later he came back with another Buffalo Burger with no cheese and asked me if I wanted a knife to check it?  I said no I will just wrap it up and take it home, because my husband by that time had eaten his burger (cooked the way he wanted it).  Of course, they put fries on his plate instead of the onion rings he ordered, but since they were not on our bill we just let it go.

To his credit the Staff Manager asked if I wanted a knife to cut it to make sure it was done right.  I figured that they would be “extra careful the second time” and just left the restaurant, while we were cooling down the car, I decided to take a quick bite, I discovered that this one was so well done that it would have been like shoe leather. 

We went back in and showed the Staff Manager that it was not even close to what I wanted; he asked if I wanted yet another one cooked.  I did not!  I asked for my money back!  I also said that if the cooks were trying to get even with me for sending it back, they did a great job!

For about 5 minutes both the Staff Manager and one of the other employees tried to figure out how to make the register put the money back on our credit card, finally in desperation, he just guestimated what my burger would be and handed the money to my husband. We left, very unsatisfied.

We both have worked in Sales and Customer Service for most of our lives and this wasn’t even close to what we would have done. 

First, you have a big sign in the lobby that says something like this “frozen? All our meat is fresh”.   Second, if you do not sell enough Buffalo Burgers to have some meat thawed, maybe you should not have it on your menu.  We should have been told up front that the Buffalo meat is frozen and has to be thawed! And we also should have been told of the wait time for our order, so that we could have picked another item that would have been faster.

 And what does fresh or frozen have to do with cooking it properly? 

6/25/2014 phoned corporate offices left message as no one answered the phone.   Left the following message “ This is Brenda Colbath, (telephone #) for your email address to send a letter of complaint, if I receive a call back within 24 hours will sent it to you, if not will put it on Facebook thank you the number is(telephone).

As of today, I have not received a return phone call.


Why do people need to lie?

I will never understand why people need to lie.  In my other life I was a Realtor for 30 years, and during that time I sold many homes to many happy people and never had to lie, to make the sale.  If I knew of a defect in the house I would disclose it, as a matter of fact, would try to find the defects, and would either negotiate the repair of the defect or try to get a satisfactory price reduction, to make my client happy, or find them another home.

In my current life I am a full time workamper and take jobs for a full hook-up site, or FHU and salary, which most of the time is minimum wage.  I do not lie on my resume, on my work history, and have permission from anyone on my references.

The information that I receive from prospective employers is a horse of another color!  As an example;

About 6 months ago I talked to the National Supervisors about a position as Activity Directors at a “Theme Park´ (which will remain nameless), for my husband and myself, I was told that:

  1. They just finished a 5 million dollar Rec Center (the operative word here is finished).
  2. We would be co-directors (we assumed that there was another couple to share the work load, not so, we are it).
  3. Our salary was $2500.00 A month and FHU (Full Hook UP for RV) and propane at ½ price.
  4. We would have a staff to schedule the work.
  5. They would like us to arrive a month early so that we could get familiar with the “program”.

So far this is what we found when we arrived nearly a month early:

The manager was new and did not know we would be on salary and we would have to work for site which was 9 hrs. each.  When we told her 9 hours was not enough time to get ready and that we were supposed to be on salary, she had to “check on it”.  We were finally told that starting Saturday we would indeed be on salary.  So we either had to cool our heels at our site or go the work gratis.

Seeing the disarray of the Rec building, the tee shirts, and the ceramics, we opted to go to work.

BTW the 5 million dollar Rec Center was not completed- no Wi-Fi for us to work with, no computers, and our “office” is not finished, and has a trench through the middle of the floor, also there is no telephone.  There are no other directors; my husband and I are it!!!

On our own time we inventoried all of the ceramics, tee shirts and kitchen supplies and put all of them on spread sheets on our own computers.  There was no inventory available and certainly no spread sheets.

Our staff consisted of us for a week, until we begged for another couple that was also waiting to go to work in the store.  They were assigned to us and between us we prepared all the paints for painting the ceramics by manually shaking all the gallon cans and marking the colors of each one, labeling and filling all the under stock paints and the small containers for everyday use.  We moved the ceramics and tee shirts into the new area of the rec center from the old area, cleaned the kitchen, and cleaned the tables and set up for the Sunday morning breakfast that we were also in charge of.   We also had to hunt and peck for whom to order supplies from, have managed to find all of the vendor’s telephone numbers and have ordered supplies for all or part of the year.

It seemed like every day a new task has been  assigned and when we asked where was the information on previous years so we would have a track to run on we were told to “make it up as we go along”.  That is what we have been doing, but do not know how long we can take the disorganization.  We set-up all the activities for a month on the very slow Wi-Fi and program and was told it was wrong and needed to do it different!   I do not have time to putz with the program now and will get around to it when I can, otherwise someone else can change it.

We are responsible for cleaning the Rec room and taking out the trash, wash and drive the Train and Fire Truck (either us or one of our many workers) around the park on a weekly basis.  In addition we have three costumed characters that we have to have all three out every day (one at a time).

The final straw that is breaking the camel’s back was delivered last week, when we were told that we were responsible for mowing our own site.  Most of us RV’ers do not carry lawn equipment with us and a Full Hook-up site means it is provided without us having to mow.  Maintenance was told they could only mow our sites on their own time.

We now have another couple coming to work this week and were told that they have three more people that we can call in to work.  Must be the new math, because, that doesn’t sound like ten people.

We are looking for another job and will have to leave just like most of the other people have done in the past.  It seems that this park has a reputation of going through people fast.

Just for the record, I do not like to leave a job until the end of our contract, however, what RV Parks/Resorts needs to understand about “Workampers” is that we are independent contractors, and we are on wheels!  Most of us are retired or “just tired” and are not slaves or indentured servants and we work most of the time for minimum wage.

Employers should feel lucky to have us work for them!  We do many of the jobs that they could not get anyone else to do.  And sometimes we feel like they think that the site that we get is a big perk.  We more than earn that little piece of dirt with water, sewer, and electricity!

The funny thing is even if they told us the absolute truth we might have taken the job, and would have stuck it out until the end, and smiled all the time, because we are honorable people.

Big Brother technology is watching out for you Sister

Just when you thought technology was at its apex, along comes the iBag for shopaholics!  That’s right now you can buy a handbag that will stop you from overspending by going on a shopping spree.  It will actually lock so you can’t open it to get your handy dandy credit card and further it will alert your partner (which can be anyone of your choosing) that you are in danger and are on the prowl at a mall or your favorite shopping spot.

The company says “tongue in cheek” that women are more likely to use their credit cards to over shop and not pay off the balance at the end of the month.  Duh!  Could it be because the disparity between the salaries women can earn to the amount that men can earn is still far apart? They are developing a male version.  But don’t hold your breath that it will be locking to prevent him for shopping.  I could not find a site where it is available at the present time, but rest assured the iBag is on its way.

I did find an iWallet designed for men that houses credit cards and cash that is supposed to protect credit card info from being stolen by credit card thieves.  Interesting enough site where I found both of these showed styles, a place to “like” on social networking sites, and a shopping cart, but alas, no pricing.  So I did what I always do and clicked on the “buy” button and checked out the prices.  It also showed $100.00 dollar bills in the money holder.  The lowest priced iWallet was $269.00.  However, could not find a pricing for the Ladies locking purse.  Wanna guess the price? And you bet it can be put on your handy dandy Credit Card.

Ladies save your money and your sanity and cut up your credit cards and get a Debit card.  Now you can only spend the money you actually have, and no big bills at the end of the month.

Gratitude, Gratis, Grateful, Thankful, Thank you

This has been bugging me for a long time!
Has gratitude died the same ignoble death as customer service?
How long has it been since you felt good about the time and energy that you expended selecting the “just right” gift for someone, paying the expense of mailing it so that it gets to the person “right on time” for their “special day” and NEVER getting a thank you? Never mind a formal Thank You card, not even an email, text message or a phone call?
I was not brought up in a high class society, however, the mere jesture of verbally saying thank you was not lost on me. Maybe it was because I never had much that any little thing, so that when I was given “something” it was to be treasured and taken care of and thank you was natural.
It seems today, that everyone has so much of everything that no one is grateful for anything and everyone expects to have everything that they desire, and never having the need to say thankyou and some people, never appear to earn it.
I was talking to someone the other day and she told me that she gave a friend’s Daughter $100.00 cash for graduation gift in a card and NEVER got a thank you card!!! She was setting beside the girl in question and she never even said that she got the money, never mind thank you!
How hard is it to just set down at the computer to write a short note??? Pick up the phone and make a short call?
And by the way, lets try to get the gifts in the same year that they were intended for!
Guys! Chirstmas is in DECEMBER! Not July or when to hell ever you feel like it! It doesn’t mean much, if the gift is so late no one remembers what it was for!
I realize that everyone is BUSY with their life, but just remember, this little phrase of wisdom, “It’s better to give than receive” however, I have added a second line, “If you can’t take time to say thank you, don’t expect me to give again”.
Just an observation from the “time traveler of life”.

This doesn’t end with gifts not acknowleged!

When was the last time that you said “thank you” to:
1. the person that waited on you at a restaurant?
2. The person that washed your car?
3. The person that repaired your car?
4. The person that rung up your groceries and packed your cart?
5. The person that prepared your taxes?
6. The person that gave you directions to get to your destination.
7. The spouse that loves you and tries to make you happy.

Take time to smell the roses and to be grateful for the blessings that you get along the road of life.

Thanks you for reading and hope you enjoy your “Time traveling through this life”.

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