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Am I the only person who has noticed the employment advertisements a tiny bit confusing?

As a female “Peeking over the hill” seeking employment, find the flowery phrases leave a lot to be desired.  Do you really need a 6 paragraph narrative to clearly state what you are offering?

You might want to consider clearly stating the name of your company and where you are located.  Not everyone is willing to make an hour or more commute in city traffic.  You will get fewer applications but fewer turn downs.  Yes, Virginia, some of us will turn down jobs because of the commute. 

I would appreciate not having to plow through the brain-freezing unique forms.  Please do not assume I am stupid. “What year did you graduate from High School?” clearly tells my age!  And please do not rule me out because of lack of experience; when I have 30 years in the field, you seek employees.  That statement coming from someone barely out of diapers is insulting.

I do love the new way of saying, “Sorry, sucker!”  “Although your qualifications are impressive, we elected to move forward with another candidate.” If they were so damned impressive, why didn’t I at least get an interview with a real live person?”

You might want to throw away those “personality quizzes!  You know, the one that will predict my temperament and if I will steal you blind.  I have never passed one, and I was a Realtor for 30 years, helping people with the most expensive purchase of their lives.

I absolutely hate anachronisms!  Say what you mean!  If you are too lazy to type a few words more than once, I am not interested in your offering.

If you require a resume, why is it necessary to fill out a non-interactive employment history?  Most of my bosses or supervisors have either moved on to greener pastures or to their great reward. It was no fault of mine that many of the companies are no longer in existence.

Interviewing a million people for a job that barely pays above minimum wage via a “cattle-call” interview of two minutes is useless and demeaning.

I realize that “times have changed!” But surely, not so much there is never a face-to-face interview, ever?  I am not ruling out the tele-interviews.

Supplying treats and games with prizes is or should not be a requirement.  Working 8 hours for 8 hours pay should not be an alien concept.  I enjoy playing games of my choice on my own time with people I know and like.  I would appreciate bathroom facilities within walking or running distance. There is no need to ask why; you have already determined my age.

Don’t get me started on the employment gap!  Many people retire and need or want to seek a supplement to their retirement. What’s wrong with that? It is not a mortal sin to need or want to work.  Now, here’s a thought!  Maturity and experience is an asset, rather than a deterrent.

Being self-employed is hard work, but I like my boss and feel comfortable with my work, and the commute is great! 

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