What took you so long?

Wow!  It has been more than 24 hours and only one person from the 623 area code (that’s  in Arizona) has called to bend my ears on what they think about the “Sit In” in the House of Representatives to try to get a vote on gun safety.

You perhaps wondering why anyone would call me and not the White House?  Well almost 20 years ago I got a cell phone for my Real Estate business and was given my nice new telephone number, unfortunately I share the number with the White House.

If you call the White House message line from the 623 area code, and you fail to dial a “1” you will get my cell phone, at all hours of the day and the night!   Thank you so much!

BTW I am not very nice at 3:00 AM!  If you get me out of bed more than two or three times, I am downright nasty!

Most of you just start rattling off your views of the state of the world and what you know should be done to fix it, without taking a breath  so I can interrupt.

Some of you ask to speak to President Obama!  Right! He is sitting right next to his RED phone with baited breath waiting for you to call.

In the past I have thought of many cute things to say, but sanity prevailed and I just informed you that you need to dial a 1.

I loved the people that call back several times as they just don’t believe me.

The only good thing about this is I always know that some crap has hit the fan in politics!  Some years it is smellier that others.

I figured that at sometime I would have talked to everyone in that area code, but, alas today I got another call.  Hence this epistle.



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