Roadblocks on the road of life

I understand and agree that the roads in our lives will not always be smooth and paved, but you would think there would be a few smooth stretches once in a while! It seems as though we struggle over one hump, and another one pops up right behind.

It would be nice to just roll along on a smoothly paved road, enjoying a warm breeze and sunlight?  I wouldn’t mind coasting for a day or two, or even a week occasionally. 

Microsoft Word and Grammarly were my most recent roadblocks!  They were sitting there with menacing spikes looking forward to punching my tires the minute I move ahead.

Microsoft 2019 Office Pro had a nervous breakdown and was acting funky and sometimes not working at all! I emailed my seller, Indigo Software, and received an immediate reply with specific instructions. I like that in a company!

After following the instructions to the letter uninstalling and re-installing successfully, I discovered this program is a completely different animal!  I have to learn how to use the new word program.

To make matters more complicated, Grammarly was missing in action! I asked for help by email and was promptly supplied with a URL.  Nice!  Unfortunately, the site had no place to install the program!  This was not good. 

I searched in my download file, and lo and behold, it was staring back at me.  It would not install on my machine. HELP!  Spelling is not my long suit, and grammar follows close behind.  Now, a little hot under the collar, I again emailed for instructions.  This time I was instructed to download Grammarly from a new URL, but it was still a no-go!  I finally figured out how to install the program!

We are so looking forward to our daughter coming down for a visit.  It just happened to be during my birthday.  This will be the first time in way over a year that our immediate family will be together.  Many hugs will be exchanged; everyone has had their shots, so we are good to go!

We are cleaning Miranda, our Motor Home; our daughter will have her own “apartment” while she is here.  You grin; I know what you are thinking, “How hard could cleaning a less than 300 sq. ft. room?”  If it was a big room, it would be a piece of cake.  There are more nooks and crannies waiting to skin your knuckles, knees, and elbows than you can imagine. 

Setting Miranda up is a whole lot more than just backing it onto the lot and plugging her in. She is a good girl and loves to travel.  I hope she won’t be disappointed at only driving from the storage yard to the spot near our house.  We promised her we would take her out for a spin as soon as they get the light rail construction finished.  

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5 thoughts on “Roadblocks on the road of life

  1. I’m so happy that you’ll have your immediate family back together. We had visits from our kids and it was wonderful. A word of warning about Grammarly. My son told me to get rid of it because they are known to store all your keystrokes.

  2. I liked it and used it until my son told me this. I think it’s an issue of privacy and security. If you have the app on your phone, or if you’re typing private information that you wouldn’t want Grammarly to save, then I wouldn’t use it. I’m not sure if they only save the words you type using their program or all your keystrokes on your phone and laptop.

  3. I’m sorry that you went through those struggles with Word. It sometimes can be a very tricky programme. I also use Grammarly, it can sometimes be nice to have a second pair of [digital] eyes giving everything a read through just in case I missed anything before posting a blog post. Happy birthday! I’m happy you were able to spend it with your daughter. Also, sorry it took me so long to get to your posts, I had a very busy week.

  4. That was a very light, and happy post (not counting the bothersome gremlins), nothing beats having great family members around…

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