“How may I help You”?

Do you remember the “good old days” when if you had a question you could pick up the phone and in minutes get a real live person on the phone to answer your questions?

Our children and grandchildren will remember our good old days when you NEVER could get a real person on the phone, unless you count a “bot” or “AI” as a person.

This morning I got a call from a “real person” informing me that I needed to call the Doctor and get consent for me to decline training that was billed at $24.00. I suggested that they “do their job” and fax the necessary paper to the Doctor for him to agree that since my husband had been using the INR monitor for over 8 years, he could train me. I further suggested that they attach a cover letter giving specific instructions for the Doctor to follow.

This is the second time this Company demanded I do their job for them, and the second time I told them how to do their job and demanded they do it.

In case you haven’t encountered the changes in Insurance, let me be the first one to give you a heads-up! I was excited when the Insurance companies instituted along with the Doctors the practice of Tele-Doctor phone calls, we could even see each other. I met my new Doctor that way, and found it very convenient.

Now some of the Vendors, like the company that provides the monitor and equipment for us to test out INR in-home are jumping on the bandwagon and charging us for the difference in what Insurance pays. I get it! It is only $24.00. But in case you haven’t thought this through, every time you add a small co-pay for one more thing, it adds up. And contrary to popular opinion, Medicare recipients DO pay for their insurance! It is subtracted from our monthly check. And in my case, it is nearly 1/4 of my stipend.

The Cardiology Office decided in October that they should get paid for having one of their workers call us to inform us whether to take more or less Wafarin depending on the results of our tests. We filed a grievance with the Insurance Co. because I assumed that a contract was for the whole year, not as long as they felt like fulfilling it. We won that battle but lost the war. This year if we allow them to call us, we will have to pay.

I am not done but, understand, if you aren’t paying attention, it could cost you the money you should not have to pay. My Doctor is trying his best to help me find a way to get the help I need without breaking the bank. I love the Honor health internet program that allows me to leave a message for the Doctor and get an appointment online. Getting our vaccines was a breeze. Honor called us and set the appointment and we drove in got our shot and in 20 minutes drove home.

I wish Customer service was not a thing on the past. I miss getting the service that I feel that I am paying for, but instead getting the run around. I know you love the internet-only customer service, but have you noticed on the news the number of people that spent hours online trying to get an appointment for their vaccine? I hope you weren’t shocked at people driving to another county to sneak in line. Can you blame them for wanting to live?

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