Teal Ducks

You may wonder why I am blogging this. My friend Roadtirement posted a picture of a duck with a most unusual coloration. I googled it and found the species is Teal Ducks.

A teal duck is a a type of small freshwater dabbling duck. Don’t know what a dabbling duck is? Well, it is a duck that mostly dabbles their food from above the water, and do not dive much. They can be multi-colored and share similar traits setting them apart from the other duck families, one is their petite size, habitat preferences, feeding behavior, and unique coloration.

They are found in primarily in shallow freshwater areas, like marshes, ponds, rivers, swamps, flooded agricultural fields with vegetation and shelter. They among the most popular duck species and some variety can be found on every continent except Antarctica.

They often swim around slowly and wiggle or nibble their flat bills, grabbing floating plant material or catching aquatic insects. Generally they are herbivorous, but they may eat some insects or mollusks particularly during the nesting season when ducklings need protein.

If you would like to learn more about Teal Ducks, and who doesn’t? Just Google “Ducks of unusual colors” and you can learn much more that I have written here, and it is fun to google learning about everything.

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