2018 Book Industry Predictions: Are Indie Authors Losing Their Independence?

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? by Mark Coker at Smashwords  ? Welcome to my annual publishing predictions post where I prognosticate about the future and share my views on the state of the indie nation. Each year around this time I polish off my imaginary crystal ball and ask it what the…

Start from the Middle: How One Single Idea Just Changed Everything

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? ? by Matt Frick I didn’t write ONE sentence of my current book project this week. Not a single word. But man did I make some progress! I told y’all how I like to outline the entire story in multiple levels of detail before I really get to writing a…

How to beat Trump at his own game!

Trump told the Democrats how to beat him in the 2020 election, but was they listening? He stood up there at his last rally and told them how to win the next election no matter how much Russia tries to mess with it. It is so easy; it is a wonder that no one hasContinue reading “How to beat Trump at his own game!”