We got Rex when he was a small pup and he became a member of our family, that is, to everyone except Mother!  She would not let him come in side even in the dead of winter.  There was none of that dog sleeping at the foot of our beds, or getting up on furnitureContinue reading “REX”

What Workampers want to see in Work Wanted Advertisements?

Employers Listen Up Even though we do want to know all the wonderful things that your park has to offer! What we really want to see is specifically WHERE you are located, what are the hours that you are expecting us to work for trade-off for our site, what is included with the trade-off siteContinue reading “What Workampers want to see in Work Wanted Advertisements?”

Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area

Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area Last night we visited the Old Tunnel WMA to watch the Mexican Free-tailed Bats emerge from the old abandoned Railroad tunnel. It houses a seasonal colony of approximately 1 to 3 million Bats. Everything that you have heard about Bats is not true, however they are wild mammals, and doContinue reading “Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area”