Why do people need to lie?

I will never understand why people need to lie.  In my other life I was a Realtor for 30 years, and during that time I sold many homes to many happy people and never had to lie, to make the sale.  If I knew of a defect in the house I would disclose it, asContinue reading “Why do people need to lie?”

And they are always glad you came

Remember the song from the TV show Cheers? That’s what it felt like when we visited our RV friends at Leisure Valley RV Park and Butterfield RV Resort and Observatory was sorry we had to leave. We got lots of hugs, with everyone asking where we were off to this time. When we got toContinue reading “And they are always glad you came”

Big Brother technology is watching out for you Sister

Just when you thought technology was at its apex, along comes the iBag for shopaholics!  That’s right now you can buy a handbag that will stop you from overspending by going on a shopping spree.  It will actually lock so you can’t open it to get your handy dandy credit card and further it willContinue reading “Big Brother technology is watching out for you Sister”

Ah Yes 2013 was a great year.

We spent the winter in North Phoenix RV Park volunteering to be Activity Directors which meant that we did the things that we love to do.  Plan Parties, Pot Lucks, and Theme Dinners and breakfasts.  We must have done it well as people threatened to disable our RV so we couldn’t leave.  We got aContinue reading “Ah Yes 2013 was a great year.”