Working: On the Road

We are Workampers and take jobs as they come, doing jobs that owners of Resorts need done and we work reasonably cheap, considering what employers would have to pay for full-time help with benefits.   Since most of the workampers are also drawing Social Insecurity and have a retirement income, we don’t have to have top dollar for our labors.  Some of us are on Medicare with a Medical Supplement Plan.  We are able-bodied or we couldn’t drive our “Big Box”, as our kids call it, around the country. 

Some of the jobs are checking campers in using a computer system, ringing up sales, cleaning up around the office and park, and escorting campers to their sites. 

Sadly some of the Resorts or Camp Grounds lose site of the fact that we are Senior Citizens and expect us to work like teenagers, however when we interview with Managers we ask a lot of questions and ask that they put in writing what our specific duties will be, how many hours we will be working for the site and what perks we can expect.  By perks I mean, 1. can we use the facilities on our off time? 2. Will you provide a Full Hook UP? 3. What is included? Laundry, Propane, and discounts at store? 4. Do you give an electric allowance or is it included? When you figure the value of all these things together and divide the number or hours we will work a month combined the wages are a little better than the minimum wage or should be. 

Of course, if you get to the Resort, and the terms have changed significantly, guess what?  You are on wheels, and can say Thanks, but No Thanks.   Your expense can be considerable so be fairly certain what you are getting into.  We figure our Motorhome costs about $.50 a mile depending on the price of gas. 

 And we don’t try to get from point A to point B in record time.  We drive no more than 1 1/2 hours at a stretch, then we stop, get out and stretch our legs, and change drivers.  This was we are both fresh and alert.  I know there are many couple, where the man does all the driving and it makes me nervous knowing he is going to be tired by the end of the day.  I see them come in to register and they are just beat. 

We also have several websites that we use to find jobs.  They post the positions with contact information, the rest is between the Managers and the Workampers to sort out. Happy traveling!!!

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