Gratitude, Gratis, Grateful, Thankful, Thank you

This has been bugging me for a long time!
Has gratitude died the same ignoble death as customer service?
How long has it been since you felt good about the time and energy that you expended selecting the “just right” gift for someone, paying the expense of mailing it so that it gets to the person “right on time” for their “special day” and NEVER getting a thank you? Never mind a formal Thank You card, not even an email, text message or a phone call?
I was not brought up in a high class society, however, the mere jesture of verbally saying thank you was not lost on me. Maybe it was because I never had much that any little thing, so that when I was given “something” it was to be treasured and taken care of and thank you was natural.
It seems today, that everyone has so much of everything that no one is grateful for anything and everyone expects to have everything that they desire, and never having the need to say thankyou and some people, never appear to earn it.
I was talking to someone the other day and she told me that she gave a friend’s Daughter $100.00 cash for graduation gift in a card and NEVER got a thank you card!!! She was setting beside the girl in question and she never even said that she got the money, never mind thank you!
How hard is it to just set down at the computer to write a short note??? Pick up the phone and make a short call?
And by the way, lets try to get the gifts in the same year that they were intended for!
Guys! Chirstmas is in DECEMBER! Not July or when to hell ever you feel like it! It doesn’t mean much, if the gift is so late no one remembers what it was for!
I realize that everyone is BUSY with their life, but just remember, this little phrase of wisdom, “It’s better to give than receive” however, I have added a second line, “If you can’t take time to say thank you, don’t expect me to give again”.
Just an observation from the “time traveler of life”.

This doesn’t end with gifts not acknowleged!

When was the last time that you said “thank you” to:
1. the person that waited on you at a restaurant?
2. The person that washed your car?
3. The person that repaired your car?
4. The person that rung up your groceries and packed your cart?
5. The person that prepared your taxes?
6. The person that gave you directions to get to your destination.
7. The spouse that loves you and tries to make you happy.

Take time to smell the roses and to be grateful for the blessings that you get along the road of life.

Thanks you for reading and hope you enjoy your “Time traveling through this life”.

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